St. Andrew Christian Church
Tuesday, November 30, 2021
fka St. Andrew Baptist Church
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Past St. ABC Pastors

This page is dedicated to the former Pastor's of St. Andrew Baptist Church Click Here on the following link:
Pastor Bailey was the Senior Pastor of St. Andrew Missionary Baptist Church in Tulsa, OK for over 37 years. He was recognized by Mayor GT Bynum of Tulsa and other state officials with a street named in his honor. He has served on major platforms across this nation as a lecturer, instructor, evangelist, speaker and psalmist. He was also a nationally renowned evangelist, civil rights leader and community activist, and champion for people.
Pastor Webb (Unknown -1979):
Pastor M.V. Ferguson (Unknown):
St. Andrew’s Pastors are listed below. Their accomplishments are too numerous to mention:
  Reverend S. K. Jackson 1923 – 1927
  Reverend W. H. Woods 1927-1937
  Reverend T. H. Weeks 1937 – 1940
  Reverend M. V. Ferguson 1940 – 1965
  Reverend G. A. Webb 1965 – 1979
  Reverend Dr. B. M. Bailey Sr. 1979 – 2018
  Reverend Dr. B. M. "Judge" Bailey 2018 - Present