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Answers to questions about tithing

Answers to frequently asked questions about tithing
1.  Should we tithe the  "Gross or the Net"?  The answer: (a) the gross if we are on salary or fixed income; (b) the net (after expenses) if we are in business.  Footnote: what is deducted from our gross pay is for our own good; in fact we get back.
2.  Why tithe if my income is so small?  Because it it right to do; God will bless you because of your faithfulness. 
3.  What if we can't afford to tithe?  Tithe belongs to God. To take his portion is stealing. 
4. When should I begin?  Now.   Ask God to forgive you for waiting so long.  Take 10% 'from the top'; consider it hot money - get rid of it; don't pay it after other bills are paid; but put God first and pay it to the Church of your membership.
5. Should I tithe when I am in Debt? Yes.  You will be in debt a year from now, ten years from now (in all probability) if you don't tithe.
Remember this principle; you can never out-give the Lord.  When this teaching grips you, you will see it truly as a gift - God's gift to you - to let you be a giver.  Who knows, it may be, when we get to heaven, we will find that the gift of giving was of more value to the Kingdom of God than any of the spiritual gifts.