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Tuesday, January 22, 2019
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St. Andrew Baptist Church


2018 Theme: "Pursuing God's Promises"



Where everyone is Welcome

 St. Andrew celebrates our pastor Dr. Judge Bailey,
during October Pastor's Appreciation Month.

12 Reasons Why We Love Our Pastor J.:

                1. We love our pastor because he studies and preaches the Word faithfully. He is consistent every week.

                2. We love our pastor because he is a man of prayer. He knows he cannot lead and shepherd our church in his own power. He is totally dependent on God.

                3. We love our pastor because he is always on call. His workweeks are long. He knows his vacations and days off will often be interrupted by crises and deaths, but he doesn’t complain. He views it as a part of his call.

                4. We love our pastor because he is there to celebrate my victories and to comfort me in my difficulties. His life is a roller coaster of emotional events, but he remains constant and strong for our church.

                5. We love our pastor because he leads our church with a vision. And he constantly seeks to make certain it is God’s vision and not his own.

                6. We love our pastor because he endures criticism from church members. And though the critics hurt him, he perseveres and loves them anyway.

                7. We love our pastor because he is authentic. He does not act spiritually superior or condescending. The pastor I see in the pulpit is consistent with the pastor I see in other settings.

                8. We love our pastor because he bears the burdens of leading many people without complaints or self-pity. He hears of so many challenges and problems in others’ lives, but that does not deter him from listening and praying for us.

                9. We love our pastor because he is sacrificial. He seeks to put us church members before himself. He is a selfless man and a grateful man.

                10. We love our pastor because he loves to share the gospel and the power of the resurrection. He is truly passionate about seeing those without Christ become followers of the Savior.

                11. We love our pastor because he disciples and mentors many. He understands that his role is not to do all the work of ministry but to equip others to do the work of ministry.

                12. We love our pastor because he loves our congregation with a Christ-like love. Though he can get frustrated and discouraged, his love for us does not wane. Indeed we get a glimpse of the love of Christ through the love of our pastor.


                Love the St. ABC Family!!!

We are overjoyed that you would visit our website and invite you to stop by for a visit.  Why not plan to be our guest this Sunday?  St. Andrew Baptist Church is a place, "where we Exalt the Savior through the power of the Holy Spirit, Equip the Saints through Christian Education, Evangelize the Sinner and Edify one another through Spiritual gifts."  We are bible-taught, Christ centered, worship-conscience, family-valued, mission-minded, love-motivated, covenant-committed, user-friendly, prayer-empowered, kingdom-seekers, and heaven-bound.  We invite you to become a part of the family-fellowship TODAY!  We offer service with a SMILE! 
Serving the Lord Since 1923!
We are conveniently located in North Tulsa, North of Downtown  Tulsa.  We are near the Tulsa Transit 101 - Suburban Acres bus route.
Stop by and see how we are more that just a North Tulsa Church.



Great Commission:


Go share the Lord Jesus Christ,

while you still have TIME!

Matt 28:19


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